APG’s President has Ten Year Alumni Luck at Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle OpenWorld is about meeting up with colleagues of years past, exchanging business cards….and walking everywhere, from hotel to convention center, back to the hotel, to meetings with customers or partners, to  lunches and dinners, Moscone West, Moscone South, Starbucks and always at least one stop to Beard Papa’s Cream Puff Bakery!  

I had incredible luck this year networking with executives from companies APG partners with which started with the plane ride to San Fran, which coincidentally was with Mike Steivater and Eric Stockton of Oracle Public Sector Sales – Civilian. Luck continued in the taxi ride to the hotel with Bob Lam, who is a Partner with Accenture Public Sector. Monday night I attended a Federal event at Jillian’s restaurant where I was able to connect with Mark Johnson– Senior VP for Public Sector Sale, Dennis Morgan– VP for Partners, Wayne Bobby– VP for Public Sector Solutions and many others. 

In line I was able to speak with Lesta Brady, VP for Public Sector Technology Solutions, and was introduced to Gerard Biggs who works the Civilian side of her group.  My luck carried me home as my seat-mate on the plane was Tamara Greenspan, VP for Public Sector DoD Applications Sales.  Needless to say, Oracle Public Sector Sales Reps and Sales Executives know APG is BACK as an Oracle Partner!  

In the end, Oracle OpenWorld is a “connectivity” event with colleagues, consultants, Partners, Oracle Sales and each other.  By any measure, this year was a total success!

~Tony DeSomma/President

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