“APG…I think I’ve heard of them before”

Welcome– you made it to APG’s blog!

The title of this posting is something we hear from prospective clients, partners and potential employees too often. The purpose of our shiny new blog is to increase awareness of our company so the next time an APG employee introduces themselves and the company, the reply will be said with certainty, “yes, of course I know about APG!”

So, for those of you who are reading this posting completly new to APG, here is a synopsis of us– in less than 150 words:

Advanced Programs Group (APG) was founded in 2004 with the intent of becoming the leading provider of Oracle consultants to the Federal Government. Achieving several large contract wins over the past few years has leveraged APG to experience significant growth and enabled us to develop an impressive base of business and client relationships across the Civilian, Dept of Defense, and National Intelligence communities within the Federal Government.

Five years later, APG has graduated from the ‘Small Business’ classification and recently moved to a new office located in Northern Virginia. APG has developed into a company that offers more than just Oracle IT Consulting. In 2009, APG expanded its service offerings to include an Information Security practice. Still led by the same entrepreneurial leadership team that founded the company, APG expects to maintain steady growth and continue to expand its services offerings.

For the record, as a company, we respond to “Advanced Programs Group”,  “APG” and  “APGIntel”. We used to go by “IAE Solutions”, but we retired that back in 2007.

This will be our own personal news broadcaster, where our news always makes the headlines.  Check back frequently to catch the latest:

  • Press releases
  • Company news
  • Current  job openings
  • Industry related news
  • Other bits of information we think you should know!

Comments/subscriptions/”likes”/suggestions are all welcomed and encouraged! The blog’s authors may be reached at marketing@apg.com

~Sarah Bassett/Marketing Analyst

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